Chemical Peels

chemical skin peel1 Chemical Peels are a deep exfoliation procedure that improve and smooth your skin. They can be used to improve the appearance and texture of acne scarred skin, acne, uneven pigmentation, melasma / dyschromia, enlarged pores and wrinkling. A chemical peel can give you a younger, fresh look  without the need for surgery. It works by removing the top layers of skin with a chemical preparation. The new skin that grows back is normally smoother than before and has fewer imperfections to give you softer, blemish-free skin.

During your initial consultation; your skin type and specific skin problem will be assessed and a tailored treatment will be prescribed. The basic principle is; the deeper the peel … the better the results ( but the longer the recovery period). The depth of the peel will depend on several factors: the concentration and type of chemical peel applied, the duration of the treatment, and the client’s skin type  / sensitivity.

After a Chemical Peel

After a Chemical Peel you should avoid exposure to the sun for several weeks, and always use high factor sun protection…I recommend using tailored products from the Helios range.  Depending on the type of chemical peel prescribed you may experience some of the following :

  • Temporary redness immediately afterwards.
  • Temporary flaking and dryness of the area treated
  • Mild discomfort and swelling  – similar to mild sunburn for a few day

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